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      Operation Methods and Precautions of Hot Blast Stove of Natural Gas Burner Stove

      The hot air stove of natural gas burner is also called gas burner or hot blast stove. Its operation methods and precautions are as follows:

      1. Check that the foundation screws of the combustor and motor are not loose or fall off, the protective cover is in good condition, the motor grounding wire is in good condition, and the lead connector is not overheated or burnt, so as to confirm that the motor rotation direction is correct.

      2. The junction box of electronic igniter is in good condition and the switch is normally open.

      3. Confirm that the power supply of the control cabinet is normal.

      4. Before commissioning, check whether the gas meets the requirements of the burner, whether the detection instruments on the gas supply pipeline are normal, whether the opening and closing of the pipeline valve are normal, and whether it is convenient for future use and maintenance.

      5. For newly installed pipelines, the installation reliability and tightness of all pipelines shall be carefully checked.

      6. Users who use the gasification station alone should ensure that the gas supply quantity and parameters meet the requirements of safe combustion.

      7. Operators should carefully read the equipment instructions and master the knowledge and methods of safe operation.

      8. Before each start, check whether the air valve is open, otherwise the combustor will not work.

      9. Start the power control button on the control cabinet, and the digital display meter will display the current furnace temperature, that is, the ambient temperature of the newly installed furnace body.

      10. Start the fan control button and the fan installed on the furnace works. At this time, if the fan is damaged, the control cabinet will be automatically protected to prevent further operation.

      11. When the combustion fan works normally, start the combustion control button again and the combustion program controller starts to work. It realizes ignition, air supply, flame detection and other procedures through certain procedures, and finally realizes safe combustion.

      12. When the combustion controller receives signals that are not conducive to combustion (such as ignition failure, unstable air pressure, circuit problems), the combustion controller will immediately turn off the gas and send out an alarm signal.

      13. If the combustion controller gives an alarm, it must be reset manually by the operator after troubleshooting, and then it can continue to work.

      14. For the operation of the whole set of equipment, the operators should refer to the furnace safety operation procedures and production process requirements.

      15. When the control temperature needs to be adjusted according to the production process requirements, the operator should refer to the manual of intelligent numerical control table for adjustment.

      16. Confirm the release and record of ignition procedure.