Sawdust Drying Solution

                  Brief introduction:
                  The wood sawdust dryer, also called the light material dryer or the European dryer, is specially designed for the small proportion, about 0.4-0.6m /t, without lump, strip material. At the same time, the company combined with the theoretical data of the Henan Research Institute, through the practice test of many drying sites, summed up the most suitable for light materials a whole production line, received by the customers.

                  System advantage
                  1. the whole production line is composed of heat source, feeding equipment, roller dryer, variable diameter pulse tube, two stage cyclone collector, discharging equipment, sealing device, air draft machine, pipe and so on.

                  2. before entering the dryer, the material needs to be sieved into uniform particles to avoid larger wood and wood chips, otherwise the pulse pipe will be blocked.

                  3. dryer can consider single cylinder and three tube two forms. Generally consider the reduction of investment costs, the use of single tube form, the ratio of length to diameter is 10-12 times.

                  4. determine the intake temperature according to the initial moisture content of the material. In general, the moisture content of wet sawdust is between 45-55%, and the inlet temperature can be controlled at 550-650 C.

                  5. in order to avoid fire in the equipment, we should avoid the entry of Mars when designing the hot stove, and at the same time, there is no accumulation phenomenon in the design of the drier.

                  6. pulse tube plays a role of rapid drying, and the final moisture level is determined by the wind speed of the pulse pipe. Lipu heavy industry company will calculate the diameter of the pulse tube according to the customer's needs, and select the appropriate air guide to reach the standard of water and ensure the demand of the output.

                  7. the first stage cyclone collects most of the material, and the remaining material is collected by the two stage cyclone. For environmental stringent requirements, we can consider adding bags and dedusting.
                  Technological process
                  The sawdust dryer includes the heating furnace, the feeding port, the rotary barrel, the filter tube, the filter tube, the material conveying pipe, the cooling tube and the discharging mouth. The rotary barrel is located on the active roller. The active roller is driven by the motor and the deceleration drive to drive the rotating cylinder to rotate at low speed. The feeding port is set between the heat furnace and the rotary barrel, and the rotating blade is equipped with the frying blade in the rotating cylinder. The barrel is connected with a filter tube and a small hole is opened on the baffle. One end of the filter tube is connected with a rotary barrel, the other end is connected with the material conveying pipe, the filter tube is provided with a block, the bottom of the filter tube is provided with a slag discharge hole, one end of the cooling tube is connected with the material conveying pipe through a blower, and the other end is connected with the material outlet. The sawdust dryer (dryer) uses the above structure, so the sawdust can be fully dried in the rotary barrel, and the sawdust is fully dispersed before entering the material conveyer tube, so that the water evaporates quickly. The block can block the impurities in the sawdust to ensure the quality of the wood chips in the material conveying pipe.

                  Sawdust enters the sawdust drier by the combination of the blowpipe and the rotary cylinder. The material is bubbled and fluidizing in the cylinder, and the hot air touches the material fully to complete the drying. The drying equipment of the cellulose material has the advantages of simple structure and convenient use, and has been welcomed by customers.