Spent Brewer's Grain Drying Solution

                  Product introduction
                  Spent brewer's grains dryer is composed of heat source system (hot air stove or boiling furnace), conveying system (import and export spiral or belt conveyor), drying system (special drum dryer for special sludge), dust removal system (cyclone dust collector, water bath duster) and electronic control system. In addition, according to the needs, add the mixing and scatter device, the closed discharge device and so on. In addition, the diameter, length and exhaust pipe of the drum can be designed according to the situation of the customer, so as to achieve the best effect.

                  System advantage
                  1, the design output is large, and 0.5-20T can be processed in one hour.

                  2. Aiming at the characteristics of high viscosity of distiller's grains, the unpowered spiral feed head is specially designed. On the one hand, the situation of the ordinary chute under the material under the material is completely solved, on the other hand, the case of the chute is avoided. The unpowered helix can be made from heat resistant steel plates.

                  3, special combination type lifting plate structure, the front section of the drum is added to the cleaning device, and the rear section is added with the combined two feeder plates to avoid the production of the wind tunnel and improve the thermal efficiency.

                  4, targeted dust removal system, electronic control system, operation automation, humanization, low failure rate, easy maintenance.

                  Flow process
                  Brewer's grain is divided into beer grains, distiller's grains and yellow wine's grains.
                  The largest yield of a large number of by-products in the brewery is the wet beer distiller's grains, but the wet distiller's grains are easy to deteriorate, so it is easy to pollute the environment in transportation and storage. In recent years, many breweries have begun to process the beer by-products deeply, which can not only reduce the environmental pollution, but also increase the economic benefit. The beer grains developed by Shanghai Lipu heavy industry The dryer can quickly dehydrate and dry the wet beer distiller's grains with water content of about 85%, and drying to about 10% of the moisture content. At present, the equipment has been put into use in many domestic beer enterprises and feed processing enterprises, and has created considerable economic benefits.
                  Product picture:
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