Sand Drying Solution

                  Brief Introduction: 
                   At present, the three cylinder dryer made by our company is mature in technology, and the result is very satisfactory after testing sand, fly ash, pulverized coal and slag.
                  Capacity 3t/h and less 3-20t/h 20-80t/h 80t/h and more
                  Model Single layer dryer,
                  Φ 800*0.8m
                  Three layer dryer
                  Three layer dryer
                  Φ4.2*10m,or two and more production lines
                  fuel Gas, oil, wood, biomass, coal, etc. Gas, oil, wood, biomass, coal, etc. Gas, oil, biomass, coal, etc. Gas, oil, biomass, coal, etc.
                  Dust filter Cyclone Cyclone + water filter Cyclone + bag filter Cyclone + bag filter
                  Electric controller Ordinary control Frequency control PLC automatic control PLC automatic control
                  Hot air temperature 650℃-750℃ 500℃-650℃ 650℃-750℃ 650℃-750℃
                  Machine material Q235 or Q345 Q235 or Q345 Q345 Q345
                  Final moisture <=1% <=0.5% <=0.5% <=0.5%
                  Screen (recommended) After drying After drying Before drying Before drying
                  Feeder (recommended) Pan feeder Pan feeder Pan feeder Pan feeder
                  System advantage
                  1. Sand dryer equipment investment is 1/6 of imported products, made of alloy steel plate, wear resistance 3-4 times longer than ordinary steel plate.
                  2. The initial moisture content of material is 15%, and the final moisture content is below 0.5-1%. It is the preferred product of cement plant, slag powder and dry mixed mortar production line.
                  The heat efficiency of the three layer sand dryer is up to 80% (the traditional single tube thermal efficiency is only 35%) to increase the thermal efficiency by 45%; the total power is reduced and the electricity saving is 40%; the large and medium sand dryer, the total coal and electricity consumption, saves about 200,000 US dollars a year.
                  4. The fuel can adapt to white coal, bituminous coal, gangue, oil and steam, and can bake blocks, pellets and powdery materials below 20-40mm.
                  5. The sand drier reduces the floor area by about 40% compared with the single drum dryer, and the civil construction investment is reduced by about 50%.
                  6. No air leakage phenomenon, completely solved the difficulty of sealing, can be installed within a few hours.
                  7. Discharging temperature <50 degrees, can be directly fed into the warehouse without cooling into the cooling shed.

                  Technical specification:
                   Model (m) Capacity (t/h) Coal consumption g/t dried sand Motor power
                    River sand Fly ash Ore slag    
                  Φ2.0*2 4-5 2-3 3-5 12-14 5.5kw
                  Φ2.0*4 8-12 4-6 8-10 12-14 3kw*2
                  Φ2.0*5 12-15 6-7 10-13 10-12 4kw*2
                  Φ2.2*4.5 14-18 7-9 12-15 10-12 5.5kw*2
                  Φ2.5*6 23-28 10-13 20-22 10-12 5.5kw*4
                  Φ2.8*6 30-35 15-18 25-30 10-12 5.5kw*4
                  Φ3.0*6 35-40 18-20 32-35 8-10 7.5kw*4
                  Φ3.0*7 40-45 20-25 35-40 8-10 7.5kw*4
                  Φ3.2*7 45-50 25-30 40-45 8-10 11kw*4
                  Φ3.2*8 50-55 30-35 45-50 8-10 11kw*4
                  Φ3.6*8 60-70 35-40 60-65 6-8 15kw*4
                  Φ3.8*9 70-80 40-45 70-75 6-8 15kw*4
                  Application of dried sand
                  Dried sand is used to make dry mortar, exterior wall insulation mortar, surface mortar, putty for exterior wall, putty of inner wall, sand of building, sand, sand for children and so on.
                  Investment prospects
                  Investment in sand drier has great economic benefits and good social benefits. It not only protects the environment for economic benefits, but also responds to national policies of energy conservation and emission reduction. Investment in the sand dryer will be a new choice for steady investment.
                  The dryer is widely used in all aspects because of its high efficiency and simple structure. Because the drying machine can be dried in a variety of materials, as well as the difference in the function of the dryer, this makes the selection of the equipment more difficult.
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